How Wedding Unity Sand Ceremonies Are Conducted

Wedding unity sand ceremonies are a beautiful way of capturing what it means by your two lives becoming one and also create a lasting memory about your ceremony. Just as the scripture puts it, "And the two shall become one", it has been shown by how the unity candles are lit. The parents from both sides, the bride and the groom, own light candles which represent the two families. The couple is given the candles, and they use them for lighting one bigger candle which signifies their families being joined.To read more about Wedding Unity Sands visit  unity sand . Glassware or vials that are used in the sand ceremony, having been filled with sand, signify how the families become one. The bride and groom's individual lives are represented using the vials of sand when the service is starting. 
After the rings have been exchanged, the person who is officiating the unity sand ceremony and the couple pour their vials of sand into the larger sand ceremony glassware and how the different colors flow symbolizes the new union which has been created and how the couple has been joined. The reason why sand is used for such occasions is that it has many attributes which make it a symbol of love and unity. The grains of sand is a lovely sight and are compared to the couple's love.For more info on  Wedding Unity Sands,click  learn more . When the sand from different jars is mixed, it can never be separated, and that is how the couple's love is meant to remain. The soil is also used to show the blending of one person with the other. Just as the sand is poured into the bigger glassware, the same way, the couple should share their ideas, goals, and personalities. The couple will need to have a large vial which they will keep for memories of that day. The vial can be engraved with the initials of the couple's names, the full names of the couple or their wedding date which should be done before the ceremony. For each person that you would want to involve in the ceremony, you should have an individual vial for them. Some couples may include their children or parents in the ceremony to symbolize the uniting of the families. The people who will be included in the ceremony, such as the family members, should each have a different color of sand which they will all pour in the large container which creates a colorful symbol of unity.Learn more about Wedding Unity Sands from