Breaking the Wedding Tradition Using Wedding Unity Sands

Since time immemorial, weddings comprised of that part where unity candles are lighted to symbolize the unity of the husband and wife where two becomes one. Traditionally, each parent of the bride and the groom will be lighting their own unity candle to symbolize the family of the bride and that of the groom. The couple will then make use of these two candles to light a bigger candle that will then mean that the families are now joined as one. A lot of wedding couples are breaking the tradition and are now using wedding unity sands instead of the unity candles. Wedding unity sands have become another alternative to symbolize the unity of two lives becoming one.For more info on  Wedding Unity Sands,click  family sand ceremony kit. And better yet, they can be used not just to symbolize the unity between the husband and the wife but also as a keepsake or treasure to commemorate the wedding memory that took place during that special day in the lives of the couple involved in such wedding.
What is different during a wedding sand ceremony from the unity candle ceremony is that vials or glassware will be filled with sands instead to signify the unity of the couple. At the start of the wedding ceremony, there will be two different vials of sand that will serve as representations of the individual lives of the bride as well as the groom. After the exchanging of rings is done, the officiant will then explain during the wedding what is the meaning of the unity ceremony and using these wedding unity sands.To read more about Wedding Unity Sands visit sand ceremony kit. The bride and the groom will then take their individual vials containing their respective wedding sands and pour them into another larger container such as glassware that contains some sand and will be poured by the different colors of the two vials of sand coming from the bride and the groom that will serve as the newly formed union of the couple.
Why use wedding unity sands?
Sands have a lot of characteristics that just make them one of the best symbols of unity and love of two people. The grains of sand cannot be measured and are timeless just like the love that the couple to be wedded have. By combining sand coming from two different jars or glassware, the sand then becomes indistinguishable; this also means that they are now considered as one forever. Since they have come together, this means that they can never be separated anymore. This implies the lasting love of the couple that will no doubt remain until the last of their breaths.Learn more about Wedding Unity Sands from